Tankless Water Heaters

No-Hassle Hot Water, When and Where You Need It

With a tankless water heater, your home's cold water is heated only when you need it, and it stays hot until you're done using it. This results in a limitless hot water supply and little to no wasted energy usage.

  1. Flame ignites and heats two heat exchangers
  2. Water preheats as it passes through the secondary heat exchanger
  3. Water continues to heat to desired temperature as it passes through stainless steel primary heat exchanger
  4. Water exits the unit and travels to the water fixture where it is needed
  5. Flame output adjusts as needed to maintain water temperature during use
  6. With usage complete, the flame turns off and water stops flowing

Rent, or Buy!

Sterling has options - you can choose to either rent your water heater, or purchase it!  Not sure?  We offer 30 day, peace of mind guarantee.  You can change your mind if you need to!

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