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common furnace malfunctions

A running furnace in any Saskatchewan household or business is essential during the winter season. With temperatures frequently dropping below zero degrees Celsius during the winter months, having a reliable furnace completes the space. Furnaces have remained the most common source of heating in North American homes, with natural gas fueled systems dominating the market. 

Not only is it frustrating (and cold) when the furnace stops working on a chilly Saskatchewan winter day, but it can also be harmful to your home or business. If the temperature inside drops below 20 degrees Celsius while your furnace is down, pipes risk freezing. Frozen pipes will eventually burst due to the expanding water inside, which would lead to serious issues beyond your furnace repair. Here is a list some of the common furnace malfunctions:

1. Trouble With Your Electric Thermostat

One of the most avoidable issues that stops your Furnace from performing at its full potential is keeping the fan setting “on” constantly. This results in the furnace blowing cold air since heaters are not designed to pump hot air continuously. They are designed to reach an optimum temperature and take breaks until the temperature starts falling below the setting on the Thermostat.

To ensure this does not happen, switch the fan setting to “auto” so the fan system will blow hot air only when it is needed.

2. Problems With The Furnace Filter

A common issue with all Furnace units is an uneven amount of warm air circulating through your home. This can come down to something as simple as needing to clean the Furnace filter. A clogged filter reduces the amount of airflow from the unit and not cleaning the filter often enough can lead to further issues the longer it is left unattended.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, the next step would be to replace the filter. Never underestimate how vital a clean and functional filter is to your Furnace.

3. Clogged Condensate Lines

The condensate lines in your Furnace must be kept clean and open. They play a crucial role in draining water away from the unit. If the lines are clogged with an excess buildup of dirt and debris, this can lead to the system no longer pumping warm air through your home. By getting regular inspections carried out by our HVAC specialists at Sterling Plumbing & Heating, you will avoid unnecessary repairs.

4. Gas Valve Issues

Natural gas furnaces require regular cleaning to ensure the longevity of the system. A dirty gas valve will cause it to become less efficient or shut down completely. If you have an older gas Furnace, scheduling regular maintenance and servicing will extend the life of your gas valve and it will save you a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary repairs or replacement parts.

5. Burner Clogged

When you start noticing that your Furnace is not producing as much warm air as it should, this could mean the burners are clogged. If the burners are indeed clogged this will drain the fuel supply to efficiently run your Furnace system. Calling our heating specialists at Sterling Plumbing & Heating for maintenance and servicing is the best solution to fix this problem. Furnace burners should only be attended to by the professionals.