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Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

Air Conditioning is these days an essential in every household. Without a functioning AC unit during the warmer seasons, the level of comfort inside the home drops dramatically for your family.

Sterling Plumbing & Heating specializes in the maintenance and servicing of all Air Conditioning Systems. We have been perfecting the climate in Regina households for nearly 20 years. Our Air Conditioning repair specialists are committed to finding solutions for almost any budget. Whether it’s an on-ground or mounted AC unit, our team has the knowledge and experience to tackle any cooling issue.

Like any machine, Air Conditioning units can experience running problems when you need them the most. Here are some common issues that can be avoided with regular maintenance and servicing:

Air Conditioning Does Not Turn On

This can be narrowed down to a few causes. The first thing to check is your Thermostat batteries. Check the batteries and change them if need be. The next possible cause of an AC system shutdown could be your circuit breaker being tripped. If it is tripped, your AC won’t turn on. Reset the circuit breaker by flipping the switch off and on again. If this doesn’t restart the Air Conditioner, be sure to call Sterling Plumbing & Heating to fix the problem.

Another common cause for your AC unit not turning on is a worn-out compressor and fan controls. If you frequently turn your system on and off, the condenser fan motor, the compressor and the blower motor can begin to faulter. These components all join an electrical connection to start the unit and a faulty connection can prevent the AC system from turning on.

Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

It is important to check your AC filter regularly. Once a month should be enough. Clogged and dirty air filters, vents and ducts can potentially freeze up the condenser unit and cut off the supply of cooling power from your Air Conditioner. Changing the filter regularly will help protect the condenser unit from freezing and ensure the stability of cool air circulating through your home.

AC Refrigerant Is Leaking

AC refrigerant leakages can greatly impact the effectiveness of your Air Conditioner. The energy efficiency rating of an AC unit is often the swaying factor when comparing models. As leakages increase, the energy efficiency rating of your AC unit will drop. This results in high power consumption, inconsistent cooling, coil freezing and damage to the compressor. A leak is not something that can be ignored.

Other Leakages

Don’t be alarmed about water leaking outside from your Air Conditioning unit, especially when it is running on a hot or humid day. This is normal. If the outdoor system is leaking on a cold day, this is also normal. During the colder months in Saskatchewan there is a strong chance your unit will freeze up and leak water when it melts.

It is recommended to monitor any leakages to ensure your AC unit is functioning properly. There are other reasons for your Air Conditioner to leak which include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Improper installation
  • Blocked drainpipe
  • Low coolant levels
  • Broken condensate pan

Air Conditioner Is Making Strange Noises

Any noises coming from your AC unit should be attended to right away. The noises are a biproduct of potential issues that could breakdown your system. Call Sterling Plumbing & Heating if you hear any of these noises:

  • A hissing sound. This could be the sign of a refrigerant leak.
  • Clicking sounds when you turn your AC unit on and off. This could be the result of a relay problem.
  • Any thumping, rattling, or banging noises. These suggest that there is an issue with a blower or the AC motor.
  • Screeching noises. This could mean your compressor or fan motor is not completely operational.
  • Buzzing sounds. This means the electrical components in your Air Conditioner are faulty.

The Outdoor System Fan Is Not Spinning When The AC Is Turned On

The malfunctioning fan can lead to and be the cause of a few problems. The most common problem is the evaporator coil freezing. Once the coil freezes up, it stops working. To prevent this, check for blocked vents and ducts, dirty air filters or faulty fans. If any of these components are impacted, the efficiency of your Air Conditioning unit and the air quality circulating into your home can be affected.

Drainage Issues

Air Conditioner drainage is crucial to the efficiency and health of your unit pipeline. If the drain pipeline does not drain properly and it becomes clogged with dust, algae and dirt, this could lead to a variety of pipeline issues. Mold, fungus and mildew grow and these produce gasses and bad odours into your home. AC units which are not mounted level are at a higher risk of not draining properly.

Regular maintenance and inspections from the professionals at Sterling Plumbing & Heating is the best preventative method.

Thermostat Sensor Issues

The thermostat sensor is vital to accurately control the temperature in your home. The sensor measures and adjusts the air temperature in the evaporating coil based on the condition in the room. The sensor can be pulled out of position over time. It is located adjacent to the evaporating coil, but they never touch. If the thermostat is moved out of position, it can be moved back by bending the wire that holds it in position.

If problems persist and your Air Conditioning unit is not cooling as it should, our cooling specialists will be happy to get your AC running again.