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Hot water tanks in Regina

Tapping into hot water is an important part of everyday life. This includes when you are bathing, cooking or doing laundry and if your home experiences hard-water spots on glassware due to its high mineral content that leaves deposits in soap scum formation along with scaling up fixtures causing them not work properly as they should! There may be a solution for this though – installing a new softener which will reduce sodium levels soaps won’t stick around any longer before being washed away by repeated uses making cleaning easier than ever before without having worry about damaging surfaces anymore.
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When it comes to hot water, your needs are simple: you need it when you need it.

Sterling is here to make sure that happens. Our products are designed to keep up with the demands of your household so that you can focus on what matters most.

Whether you’re bathing, cooking or doing laundry, tapping into hot water is important for the comfort of you and your family. We know that keeping up with those needs means making sure there’s always enough hot water available—and we can help!

Why is your water heater important?

It’s hard to imagine life without hot water. Whether you’re bathing, cooking or doing laundry, tapping into hot water is important for the comfort of you and your family.

But what happens when your hot water heater breaks down? What if it’s an emergency situation, like when your kids are taking a bath and the water turns cold? You don’t want to be left high and dry!

That’s why we recommend getting a backup plan for your hot water heater—so you can keep bathing in style even when things go wrong. With our service, we’ll come out to your home and perform a diagnostic on your hot water heater so we can make sure there are no underlying issues that could lead to future breakdowns. Then we’ll recommend the best solution for your unique needs: whether it’s repairing the existing unit or installing a new one altogether!

And if something does go wrong with your backup plan? That’s okay! We’ll still be there for you—because nothing is more important than keeping our customers safe and comfortable in their own homes.

Customer Reviews

Richard Holowachuk
Richard Holowachuk
Landon Symonds was friendly, professional, and did good quality work. He also took the time to explain everything that needed to be done in a succinct and easy to understand manner.
On Jo
On Jo
Landon came out within minutes to attend my issue and he was a great help. Not only did he fix the issue, he recommended future things to do to help fix further issues in the future.
Joke Akande
Joke Akande
Good service. The team took their time to explain in detail. They promised to come replace the filter and it was done in no time.
Darren Howden
Darren Howden
I would give these guys a 7 out of 5 if I could. I knew when the were coming, they updated they would be early and showed up. VERY professional, checked everything, fixed what needed fixing and told me what to watch out for. They could have done more, but advised it wasn’t necessary. Were very clean when they worked and after they were gone everything was cleaned up. Will I use them again, absolutely!!!
Kelli Perkins
Kelli Perkins
Technician very knowledgeable and professional. I will use this company again.

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