About Us

Since 2003 Sterling has worked hard to stay above the curve in the ever changing plumbing and HVAC field. This hard work has paid off as we are now recognized as one of Western Canada’s leading plumbing and HVAC installer. The company head quarters are conveniently located in the heart of Regina’s Warehouse District, giving us quick access to all major suppliers and our rapidly expanding customer base.

Our first priority is customer satisfaction; secondly Sterling places a high premium on flexibility, originality, and dedication.  The Sterling team shares a passion of delivering what we promise; this comes with the understanding of completing our work within time and budget constraints.

Our Executive Team

Colin Hodge - CEO


Jerrod Turgeon - General Manager


Janice Stochmal - Director

Dean Hodge - Director, Construction

Kyle Hodge - Project Management

Wendy Antochow - Coporate Controller

Jeff Huntington - Director, Sales & Service

Dallas Schweitzer - Operations Manager

Devon Huschi - Service Manager

Taso Habris - Project Supervisor


Aaron Kirkpatrick - Construction Operations Manager